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The quick response of their team is amazing. I was about to go home after shopping for groceries when I realized that I have lost my keys. I live at least 8 kilometers from the supermarket. It would be tiresome to walk, and it was a headache to try to get a cab during rush hour. I gave this company a call and asked if they can at least come to my aid. Two technicians arrived after 30 minutes and managed to open my door with no problem. They measured the dimension of the keyhole of my car door and made me a duplicate. The key they gave me was full-proof and can tolerate scratches and dents. They also offered to replace my ignition key with a transponder. Good stuff… really good.

Robert Jeter

Two of my doors can be easily opened using a small knife. I didn’t have time to install a new lock because of my schedule. A friend of mine recommended this company, and it was a good decision. Why? After they were done with their job, the key mechanism of my door was already working smoothly. They replaced my door knobs with unbreakable deadbolts. The brand of the door knob and lock they suggested is also sturdy. It would be my pleasure to recommend this company to my family and friends. They are truly credible and efficient in what they do.

Dawn Thomas

Every time I replace my entire door knob, it is always caused by two reasons. Either I lost my key or my key got stuck in the key hole. I kept buying this cheap door knob at the nearby hardware to save money. However, I can’t live with all these mishaps anymore, so I decided to ask for professional advice. Upon giving the company a call, a group of technicians came to my house for consultation. They measured the dimension of every door in the house and suggested the best type of lock to use. They also directed me to a great factory that sells quality padlocks at a very affordable price. It was a good thing I asked for their service; otherwise, I would still be frustrated with my locks. Hats off to them!

Erica Cha

My family is about to move to a neighborhood near you guys. I really wanted to secure my doors with the best locking system. We got in touch with this company. After talking to them on the phone, their staff arrived at our house half an hour later. They asked us about the type of locks that we want to use. Do we either use recreational or commercial locks? Our conversation was very productive and we were able to determine that you guys are truly a credible company. After a day, the staff came back to our home and started working on the services we asked for. 5 days later, everything was in place, and my family has been going to bed safe and sound every night.

Thomas Davis

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