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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your company possess the required business permit?

We have been in business for years and all of the needed requirements have been met. Our staff also comprises licensed technicians who specialize in locksmith services. Our company’s reputation has been built by the services we have provided.

What are the locksmith services you provide?

We are capable of providing various services like unlocking jammed or stuck doors., as well as  cutting and carving keys with the use of  a modern laser cutting machine. We can also install new security features, whether for recreational or commercial purposes. Car key replacement is also in our resume. In addition, working with car doors and ignitions is not a problem. Our locksmith services apply to automotive vehicles, doors, safes, and locks.

Do you offer emergency services 24/7?

Our hotline is available day and night. There will always be someone to answer your call. If you’re stuck outside your home or somewhere along the road because your key won’t work, we will be there to unlock it for you. We have enough manpower and transportation capabilities to attend to anyone in need of our services.

Do you use modern technology with your locksmith services?

We possess laser cutting keys and programs for performing diagnostics on a malfunctioning transponder key. We also use technical methods with the tools and resources we have. Instead of hairpins, we make use of pick locking tools, a whole set for that.

How can I improve my security system?

Other than providing locksmith services, we also consult with other customers about security features. Our services include installing alarm systems and CCTV cameras. Fully secured doors can decrease the percentage of robbery and related crimes.

How is the rate computed? What is the payment method?

The fee we require is based on the services we provide and the materials we use. The cheapest services we offer are key cutting and pick locking since they demand less time and resources whereas the installation and repair of locks demand more money. We require a deposit beforehand and the remaining amount shall be paid after we are done. You can also pay the full amount first, but for your own financial security, we encourage you to pay a deposit first.

What are the strongest types of lock?

There are several types of locks like padlocks, deadlocks, cam locks, lever handle locks, jimmy proof, and more. Each lock has its own characteristics, but it is advisable to include at least 2 to 3 locks to each of your door.

What are your credentials?

We have been in operations for years, and we have received hundreds of positive feedbacks For more information about our company, visit our website’s About Us page.

What is your refund policy?

We approve refunds only for two reasons. The first is if we have done any damage or error before, during, and after we complete our work. The second is if the repairs we conducted aren’t done properly.

Do you offer continuous maintenance and inspection?

Yes, we do. As soon as you notice something wrong with your door, lock, or keys,  give us a call. We pay our customers a visit to check if everything is still working fine. This way, we can apply repairs if needed.

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